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[INFOGRAPHIC]: The 10 Commandments of Typography | http://www.designmantic.com/blog/infographics/ten-commandments-of-typography/

18 Rules for Using Text - If your document has text in it, follow the rules. You’ll start to see a world of difference in your professional documents, whether they be formal reports, brochures, or even your personal résumé. These rules for using text apply across the board.

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A Brief Introduction to Typography – Infographic

Crafting an invitation or a ticket is an art. We have to take into account things like layout and structure, color scheme, text boxes and of course the app - posted under Infographics tagged with: Graphic Design, Infographic, Sans Serif, Script, Serif, Slab Serif, Typeface, Typography by Fribly Editorial

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Infographics Dos and Donts: Basic Practices To Get Started With Infographics | #infographic #design #stlbiz

When I'm making a design with typefaces, it helps to have a reference like this to see what typefaces go together. I don't fully trust my typeface matching instincts yet. #typefaces #typography

The Art of Mixing Typefaces - Google Fonts Edition. Use this chart to cross-reference the compatibility of Google font combinations. #typography

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Todos os tamanhos | Typography Poster | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

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Print Infographic Designing Logo What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business? [Infographic]

It’s been said time and time again: fonts convey emotion. Picking the right font is essential, and there are rules you should follow.

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