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Hit And Run Driver Leaves Courteous Note About Screwing You Over | Happy Place

What is it Rodney Atkins sang? Oh yeah, "Talked to a Genie in a bottle of Jim Beam and she LIED to you!" hahaha this whole thing totally made it chortle at work. Tori Sdao Alcala-Martini

My laptop snaps a photo of the person that wakes up my computer...

bahaha I have no idea why I thought this was so funny!!

Jessica Bullard this reminds me of yelling charge through hobby lobby lol

Made me laugh so hard that Koda thought something was wrong with me and came running trying to comfort me. I loves dogs!

Oh my gosh this made me smile. :)

Yeah, right. In real life, if I had tried to pull this off, he would have just replied: "There's no such thing," "No, I pulled your ass over to write you a speeding ticket!" And then it would be awkward... so.. funny....hahahaha

- I like that it's called "Wise Guys", but guess from the pointed comments (& services, not that guys can't get the goods) directed at females - Should be "Stupid guys" as YOU UGLY not bound to draw them in -