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By the end of 2013, most businesses will have developed mobile apps. Can you keep up?

Dr. Thomas Gschwind, computer scientist, IBM Research - Zurich, has his demo ready at CeBIT. More on what it is tomorrow.

Nicole Herfurth, IBM Research - Zurich shows students a 3D model of an eletron-microscopic image of a Lithium/Air cathode, used in the Battery 500 project, at CeBIT 2012. See the image here:

Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth, director of IBM's Zurich Lab at the Nano-Tera Annual Meeting this week where he presented IBM's latest breakthroughs in nanotechnology including a showing of "A Boy and His Atom".

Infographic Smarter Cities. Turning Big Data into Insight For more information on IBM Big Data & Analytics, visit or

Mobile users are connected like never before. Can they connect to your business?

Made in IBM Labs: By 2025, chip stacks with embedded liquid cooling, communications in three dimensions and minimal power consumption will shrink supercomputers to the size of a sugar cube.

The IBM BladeCenter Cluster for Aquasar is comprised of three IBM BladeCenter H chassis with a total of thirty-three IBM BladeCenter QS22 servers (two IBM PowerXCell 8i Processors each) and nine IBM BladeCenter HS22 servers (two Intel Nehalem EP Processors each). Water-cooled are two IBM BladeCenter H Chassis with in total twenty-two IBM BladeCenter QS22 and six IBM BladeCenter HS22 servers.