I was your cure

edgar allan poe

disguised as love, in trust...illusion

Imperfect as me

my life right now.

why can this apply to so many people in my life? why do these kinda of people find their way into my life??


Birch quotes.

Positive Thoughts, Positive Life: Quotes To Live By

I love Sleep!

im not sure if im depressed i mean im not sad but im not exactly happy either I can laugh and joke and smile during the day but sometimes when im alone at night i forget how to feel. The truth of how we all feel

Slowly but surely learning this! Thankful for all the amazing, inspiring people in my life.

Don't let your happiness depend on something you might lose. -C.S. Lewis Quote #quote #quotes #happiness

amen to that


It is YOUR Life

Intelligence is sexy. #Quote #Intelligence #Sexy..... Hey You Sexy Thang <3

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