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Inspire Me Heather: {stories of a house} stepping on stones. -Dig hole all around, create a mold with garden edging taped together. Fill with concrete. Remove the mold after 24 hours. Any imprints you wish to create, do after the first hour.

DIY painted rain barrel | Gardening Lab For Kids: 52 Fun Experiments

How to Make a Rain Barrel

Gardening Lab for Kids: Make A Rain Barrel - Empress of Dirt. Divert only some of the water from your downspout.

Green Weed Killer

(Blue-)Green Weed Spray - From Household Ingredients.

killing weeds with vinegar, dish washing detergent and salt-- alters the pH of the soil, kills beneficial microbes, pollutes groundwater and if enough salt accumulates, makes soil incapable of supporting any plant life!

mini stepping stones- concrete mix, mini pie pans, marbles, stained glass. So many options!  Would be sweet for March.

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