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sweetest little thing!

My dad found a baby deer and named him Commander and this photo reminds me of him so much

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Delicate friendship: The ginger cat and baby deer share an affectionate moment. Picture by © Rex/Vitaly Tkach via metro.co.uk

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this reminds me about strong emotional relationship with deer when I was child. Sad Disney film and toy.

Deer are so beautiful. I think they're like the moms of the forest. Just look at this cute thing don't you just want to take it home and cuddle with it! #Adorable #Animals

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1-2 hour old Key Deer Fawn, picture credit: CWRL-SIUC/Key Deer Protective Alliance

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This looks like our Pyr Khan who gave us love and devotion for almost 12 years until we carried him to his resting place in our back yard under our many trees he used to run around.