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This brings a sense of wonder back to me of when I was a kid, and used to blow the feathers off of a dead dandilion. I dream of moments like this for my son as well and want to remember them. Love the lighting...makes it feel more like a memory...~LWS

“Kids are never the problem. They are born scientists. The problem is always the adults. They beat the curiosity out of kids. They outnumber kids. They vote. They wield resources. That's why my public focus is primarily adults.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

Peace... Paix... Paz... Shanti... Salaam... Shalom... * "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step." Lao Tzu -- The Tao Te Ching *********************** NB : The photos on this site are not mine. I give their source when I know it...

never loose sight of a flower, it will eventually fray and become dust. we are as though a flower is kept and rid of... ~ Emily Bubrzycki