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THE WAR WAGON (1963) - John Wayne - Kirk Douglas - A Batjac Production - Directed by Burt Kennedy - Universal - Dell comic book.

so many big stars i get goose bumps when i see this movie now. now i know how big some of the actors were back when i first saw this movie in 1962. this is one of the best movies you could ever hope to see. a true story about the WORLD BEING SAVED. THOSE WHO GAVE THIER LIVES WERE DONE PROUD IN THIS MOVIE

Star Wars....hours standing in the rain in downtown Seattle, so worth it. We were blown away.

BEST MOVIE EVER! First movie I saw at the outdoor theater! the special FX still hold up after 35 years. Great story, iconic characters, the original light sabers, space fights. Episode 4 - the best of the best!

Bride Wars, girly but funny as heck!

old movie stars photos | SimonZ's Home Page - Star Wars wallpapers, posters, cover designs

I love Martin & Lewis together but don't care for them individually; they balanced each other out so well. It's too bad they couldn't do their own thing & still get together to work as a team once in awhile

I'm a big fan of war movies (although Vietnam war movies are over done) and this one took this genre and ripped it the FUCK OUT with its ultra graphic violence and Spielberg's "revolutionary" hand-held style of filming, which made this one of the most realistic and shocking war movies you'll ever see. War is hell, indeed.