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Creating Wrapped Turbans

The Regency Lady's Turban

How to drape an 18th c. Robe Francaise by Koshka.

Frolicking Frocks: 1790s Turban (with links to how-tos on turban making)

Burgundian hat how to with good pictures.


Very cute turban. This links back to a blog with a number of pictures--if you only want to specifically see the turban, it's pictures 33 and 35. >>Dressed in Time: A Little Trip to The V Regency turban (Back view also available at the link)

How To Make a Bustle Cage

15th Century Women's Turban - 16" x 86" 1. Place center seam of turban over middle of forehead, crossing long ends at the nape of the neck. 2. Twist each tail tightly into a coiled rope. 3. When long enough, cross at the front of your head. 4. Continue twisting, wrapping & crossing. 5. Tuck ends & pin if needed.

Neat Tube Turning Technique Tutorial in pictures

Millinery musings. A wonderful blog with tons of hat tutorials

Elizabethan crowned hat making 101

How to wear a veil

Tia Dress Sewing Pattern – WeSewRetro

Schiaparelli purple felt and satin turban

This girl is amazing. she has three different Regency turban tutorials.

Fascinator Tutorial

I'll want this later if I don't pin it now. Step-by step pictorial of this hat.


Making faux feathers from fur. Because sometimes you can't find what you need. Like 4 foot long feathers. #millinery #judithm #hats