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There is no convincing in love. If it doesn't come naturally from somebody, don't try to force that person because all you will end up with is failed expectations of a life that you thought you wanted

"There comes a time when you meet someone and you just want to make them smile for the rest of your life." #lovequotes

(not to sound conceded) But this is the story of my life right here.

Love Quotes- "52 Romantic Things You Should Do! Become a LOVE MAGNET! #love #marriage #relationship #quotes

The best place in the world is in the arms of someone who will not only hold you at your best, but will pick you up and hug you tight at your weakest moment. Unknown

#Love is many things but it is never #Deceitful. Nothing #Toxic comes from #GenuineLove, #RememberThis. #TrueLove #ToxicPeople #Deceit #LoveIsEverything #LoveIsMyReligion

TRUTH// We cry over Friends we will never have back, People we once loved, Bridges that have been burnt. But there's a reason the past is in the past. You only have so much room in your life. Save it for people that deserve it. Chances are, if someone's in the past they deserve to stay there. ~ A.M.

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I Love My LSIfrom I Love My LSI

Love is a meeting of two souls fully accepting the dark and the light

Love is a meeting of two souls, fully accepting the dark and the light within each other, bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss. <3 More amazing quotes on our Facebook page!