"The best relationship is when you can act like lovers and best friends at the same time." #lovequotes

I know it's hard sometimes. I know I can be difficult and I'm sorry but please dot forget that no matter what my feelings are at the moment I always love you and that feeling is stronger than any other I will ever feel. I love you even when I don't act like it ❤ oh, Kurt #kurthalsey

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i just started crying, why cant this happen to me?????

They're romantic.

Every girl has her bes tfriend, boyfriend and true love. But you are really lucky if they are all the same person.

We use to collect coffee cups, haha.

Love this

Who cares if you look like a fool? Love makes fools of us all, and I'm okay with that. :)

TRUE love.

I'm Lucky I'm in Love with my Best Friend - 8x10- Rustic - Vintage Style - Typographic Art Print - Country Song Lyrics

I found this quote on Pinterest. Like many images on Pinterest, the source never led me to the original. I really wanted to print it out, so I made my own vers


I LOVE this. It's something I wish more people would understand. Sometimes, on some level two people just work, and that DOESN'T have to be a romantic relationship. They just help you feel alive.


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