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They say arsenic and strychnine like they are good things.What would you use this for -- other than the obvious (which is illegal last I checked)?

Original Antique QUACK MEDICINE bottle BELZORA Cold & Grip Tablets Minneapolis, w/label, contents, corked, in box. 100 plus years old.

Ahhh...those were the days. Sometimes I think a little opium might be just what I need ;)

Reliable Brand Headache Tablets; after 1906

Helonia vaginal tablets with opium. These were inserted into the vagina to cure the embarrassing problem of Leukorrhea, vulgarly known as "the whites." It refers to vaginal discharge, which is usually normal, but not appreciated in olden days. I'm not sure stuffing opium in your vagina would help, but then again I'm not an old-timey medicine show man. So what do I know?

Undated Ad for Patent Medicine (FDA 161) by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, via Flickr

hershey's instant chocolate, the alternative to Nestle Quik. This was a metal can, and we used it to store checkers in it in our toy closet. Mom still has it.

Oh how I love chocolate covered cherries like the beauties in this fun Brach's ad from 1952.

Bounty chocolate bars, got SO addicted to these during our French Polynesian honeymoon ♥