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Think I'm going to do this next time I babysit the niece and nephews! They read every day for about 20minutes... & I think they would like this a lot!

'I've been bubbling with excitement to meet you' - Back to school gift for students (I'm going to rephrase this to use for an end of year gift because I have leftover wedding bubbles :)

First Day of School Activities for Second Grade - My Teaching Ideas – Ideas for Teaching 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade

Magic Playdoh! I did this last year with my class and it was so much fun! Students are given white, handmade play doh and they have to roll it around and play with it to see if it changes color. If it changes color, they are going to have a great year in their new grade! Click link to find recipe and free, printable rhyme,

*LOVE* this for the beginning of the year! (OK, I really just love this whole stinkin' site...)

from Diary Of A Second Grade Teacher

Student Where Abouts

Student Where Abouts « Diary Of A Second Grade Teacher