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They were here. I didn’t want them there. Hell, I wanted them as far away from my property as they could go, but insisting on their departure would have definitely ruined the game. I had to take my chances and let them through, hoping they thought the cold sweat prickling my skin was only due to the...
  • Kate Schindler

    In my dream house world, I would find a piece of land with an old red barn in need of some TLC... and then fill it with goats.

  • Donnette Donley

    Love the vibrant color of the old barn against the sky.

  • Jennifer Joseph

    Senior picture with this bad boy right?

  • Peggy Meisels

    ... barns description this old barn is near the rockford airport i thought

  • Pat Gray - PreciousReikiGems

    Old Red Barns!! #Country > wanna cool old barn in the yard... turn it into a studio...?

  • Kate Pinkerton

    Abandoned Barns are awesome for any event that you are throwing! Toss some white christmas lights with some colored paper lanterns in together and candles and you have one of the perfect wedding ideas ever!

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You would think after a couple years in WI I would have gotten my red barn fix...still love the site of it.

"Someone told me long ago, There's a calm before the storm, I know it's been coming for some time" photo by Phil Koch

Barn #1 by Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson, via Flickr: So Me!!

I'm trying to tell something about empty farm fields broken by fall and the half-light of sun cafes in town with only a gas station, church and bar I'm trying to say something about loneliness about the crack of pale yellow cornstalks in the middle of September in Minnestoa. - Natalie Goldberg

.white barn ........I have a thing for barns, any shape condition or size.

America's country side....Wouldn't it to be nice just to ride through this country....That is what Anthony Hopkins does...He became an American citizen a couple years ago, and he just rides all over the states....Vanity Fair wanted an interview, and he said: Fine me....They found him in Oklahoma just riding the back roads......He said he's so happy here and in his car....

I helped my dad built a big silo next to our old barn when I was about 14. I walked around the top when we were done and nearly gave mom a heart attack.

Wow this is almost exactly what I've drawn up for my barn - mine is much smaller but I may have to make it like this. I can see me using the loft for sewing!

Big old barn - I would love to take an old barn like this and turn it into my home - I just love barns

Pretty farm! There's an old wagon or vehicle or something underneath those green bushes...(mkc via Delores Beachdell).