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    Battle of Tar Valon

    The Battle of Tar Valon was a major engagement fought in the spring of 1000 NE between the White Tower Aes Sedai and the Seanchan. The battle proved to be the catalyst for the healing of the Aes Sedai following their year-long schism. In the summer of 999 NE, the Aes Sedai became divided over what w...
    • Shauna Davis Walters The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time) eBook: Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson: Kindle Store

    • Jeannie Bailey

      The Gathering Storm : Wheel of Time Series, Book 12 by Robert Jordan; Brandon Sanderson (eBook): eBooks

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    Egwene al'Vere, watcher of the seals, flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat defends the white tower from the Seanchan raid to capture and collar Aes Sedai. Favourite scene. Alternative cover


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