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Egwene al'Vere, watcher of the seals, flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat defends the white tower from the Seanchan raid to capture and collar Aes Sedai. Favourite scene. Alternative cover

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Blue Ajah

The Blue Ajah of the Aes Sedai normally involve themselves with righteous causes and justice. They have the most extensive eyes-and-ears network, and enjoy the prestige of having the highest number of Amyrlin Seats raised from their Ajah. The Blue has been at odds with the Red Ajah for a millennium, and for a time were separate from the White Tower altogether. The head of the Blue Ajah is called the First Selector.

Watcher of the Sealsby ~Alsdale inspired by the scene in Towers of Midnight in which Egwene is in Tel'aran'rhiod and sees the Dragon's Fang in the Rose Window alongside the Flame of Tar Valon.

A Wheel of Time Wikifrom A Wheel of Time Wiki

Brown Ajah

The Brown Ajah of the Aes Sedai is devoted to knowledge and the collection of ancient wisdom. They generally forsake the mundane world, instead dedicating themselves to history and study, and are responsible for the administration of the White Tower Library. The Brown Ajah is run by a ruling council,[1] the head of which is called First Chair.[1]

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Dixie Pig The Gunslinger : Dark Tower - Stephen King - Customer Inspired - Movie Art Poster

Dixie Pig The Gunslinger : Dark Tower Stephen King by FADEGrafix

I’ve always loved the wonderful insights on women uttered by Mat Cauthon, a character from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. Here are Mat’s insights on women from Book 13, Towers of Midnight, of the Wheel of Time series (by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson): Nothing was more dangerous for the sanity of men than a woman with too much time on her hands.... #women #men #robertjordan