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Stayed at someone's house in the El Yunke, National Rain Forest. Slept very little because the White-eye coqui (a tiny tree frog - their version of the cricket) kept me up all night in Puerto Rico.

Coqui - love these little guys! (Native to Puerto Rico - rumored that if you take them off the island, they will either cease singing or die)

El Coqui. They sing "coqui, coqui" and only survive in Puerto Rico/no where else!

El coqui. Little frog who sings at night/

lCuando los Boricuas escuchamos el cantar de nuestro COQUI, llegamos a casa; llegamos a PR :) El Coqui, the only brownish frog in the world that sings. If taken out of the island, it will die.

"Yo soy de aqui.. como el coqui" Puerto Rican Coqui frog

The Coqui belongs to a family of tree frogs that consists of 16 different native species, 11 of those are endemic species. Here in the Island we love to listen to the Coqui sing at bedtime, and its melody is dearly missed by the Puerto Ricans that are away from home. The name "Coqui" comes from the song that the male sings, what is seems to say is: "Ko-kee ... Ko-kee".

"Coquí" (pronounced KOH-kee) A lovely amphibian that serenades the Puerto Rican nights!