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fock em they neet to talk about you to get attention because if they talk about themselves no one gives a shit

Miley Cyrus

We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus. ONLY GOD can judge us. Forget the haters. Somebody loves you.

Just Be U ~

You cannot force anyone to love you. So just be you . Those who leave you because they are selective about what they want you to be like, never loved you. Never change for anyone because it never lasts. Be true. Be real and Be you.

Haters... Don't be jealous cause we are better than you!

today, found out I was born with too much awesomeness. Most common side effect: an over abundance of Haters. Turns out I'm gonna survive.

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Hell yeah

The good girl got tired of being a pushover and turned into a bitch

Words to live by.

Happy birthday Justin Bieber in just 13 days you' ll be 20 You got to learn from your mistakes and you said that you inspire people you need to really encourage things

Gtfo wit yo uneducated self @loteoseuu

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