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Geometry Review - Find Someone Who (cooperative learning structure) Great for students as an alternative to independent practice, as review before a quiz, spiral review throughout the year, or test prep. Fourth Grade Common Core aligned (4.G.1). $

Free-This page is put in a page protector and then into the student's math folders. Students use this page as a resource to help them with basic math f...

Love this concept. I still use it to this day when I get a bit confused. Also, the numbers are inverse of themselves. 2x9= 18 9x9=81 Once you get to 45 and 54, you go backwards in reverse from there. I know, confusing, but it can help.

This lite version has the shapes and the open

Geometry Matching Game ( this would be fun to cut apart and put into plastic eggs. Kids would need to find the partner who matches them.)

Here's a packet of materials for studying geometry.

Help kids understand three dimensional shapes with tasty treats! Have them identify, sort, and add kisses, marshmallows, cheese cubes, and whoppers!

These are great guided math center games that you can do in small group or several groupings - using decks of cards. ...

Maybe make an anchor chart for numbers 1-20 to keep up in the wall for a while?

Math Workshop Question Posters and bookmarks...general questions to ask... for common core math standards...