Pulpit Rock, Norway

train tree tunnel - Ukraine

Trolltunga in Norway

Northern Lights Norway amazing

hiking in

Roros, Norway

Vøringfossen Waterfall ~ which plunges into the gorge of the Eidfjord, Norway by Stephen Emerson

What not to do in Norway....seems like great travel tips in Norway from

The Old Town in Fredrikstad, Norway

Preachers Rock, Preikstolen, Norway

Pictured Rocks, MI, USA. Hurry up, vacation!

The Atlantic Road, Norway.

Karijini NP, Western Australia.


Great view :)

I want to find this pla e and sit in that spot for eternity.... trolltunga, norway | photography by tustago @ flickr | follow the source link for more amazing pictures of this beautiful place zamuz

kick back and relax.

Vintage travel poster for Oslo, the capital of Norway

900 Years Old Borgund Stave Church, Norway | Most Beautiful Pages