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PHOTOS: 40 Cute Animals

40 Pictures Of Cute Animals It's official: looking at pictures of cute animals is good for you - and your work. According to the Wall Street Journal, researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan have found that photos of kittens, puppies and the like don't just make us feel better - they also help us to concentrate.

China Danxia -- landscapes developed on continental red terrigenous sedimentary beds influenced by endogenous forces (including uplift) & exogenous forces (including erosion), found in the sub-tropical zone of south-west China. Photo by Melinda ^..^ on F

The kit names I can come up with are: Tinykit, Heartkit, Mistykit, Rosykit, Redkit, Melonkit, Glimmerkit, Flamekit, Thinderkit, Skykit, Countrykit, Bloodkit, Applekit, Lunakit, Sunkit, Hazelkit, Starkit, Dreamkit, Frostkit, Deathkit, & my favorite Mosskit