Sitting Bull with peace pipe, 1884.

Sitting Bull - Hunkpapa - 1884

Indian child ~ our future

Sitting Bull

Timothy Isaiah Courtright, aka "Longhair Jim" or "Big Jim" Courtright (1848 -1887), lawman, outlaw & gunfighter...In 1876, he became the first elected marshal of Fort Worth, TX and had to keep peace in the notorious Hells Half Acre section, the town's wild red-light district. At that time, Fort Worth was a very dangerous place, with altercations between unruly drunks and lawmen being commonplace.

2011 Powwow at Stanford Univ by, via Flickr

Black Elk (Oglala), 1937, via Flickr.

Sioux headdress

Billy Mills Ogala Lakota

Gertrude Simmons Bonnin aka Zitkala-Sa (Red Bird), a writer, editor, musician, teacher and political activist, from the Yankton Sioux nation...

Yellow Horse - Yanktonai Sioux, Western Dakota, 1908

Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull & Buffalo Bill

Lone Sitting Bull♡

Sioux Chief Sitting Bull by Hastiin Tilden, via Flickr In 1888 Sitting Bull rejected a new offer to sell Sioux land. The U.S. government became increasingly frustrated by his refusal to negotiate a deal and orders were given for his arrest. Deaths: Indian Police: 6 killed and 1 wounded. Sitting Bull's followers: 7 killed, including his 17 year old son, Crow Foot, and his adopted brother Jumping Bull, and 3 wounded.

Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull and One Bull, via Flickr.

Crazy Bull - Brule / Sioux (Lakota)


Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

Sioux Medicine Man, Fool Bull. The shield is now in a museum.