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25 Miles of Fun . . . Finishing off the November Grid (Hiking in the White Mountains and Adirondacks)

Date of Hike: 11/22/15 Mount Osceola Trail: 5.1 miles / Greeley Ponds Trail: 1.2 miles / Kancamagus Highway: 0.8 miles / Hancock Notch Trail: 1.6 miles / Cedar Brook Trail: 0.8 miles / Hanco

Backpacking to Unknown Pond (

Yurt-Camping in Kananaskis at Mount Engadine Lodge (Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies)

Raise your hand if you like winter camping? In a tent. While it's snowing outside. After you've been skiing all day and you're already wet and cold. Thought so - I don't see many hands raised. And I d

Gray Knob Cabin and the Amphibrach Trail (

Gray Knob Cabin, Mt Adams I got a bit obsessed this autumn trying to hike as many new trails as I could before the harsh New Hampshire winter arrives in the White Mountains. I’ve been aided in this p

The Cathedral of Winter Hiking in the Northeast . . . Mount Katahdin (Hiking in the White Mountains and Adirondacks)

“Man is born to die. His works are short-lived. Buildings crumble, monuments decay, and wealth vanishes, but Katahdin in all it's glory forever shall remain the mountain of the people of Maine.” - Per

Part 2 of Our Trip to the Pacific Northwest (The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog)

The Ice Skating Trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park (Meanderthals)

If there’s one thing Canada is good for, it’s winter and winter activities. Introducing the Ice Skating Trail in the Muskoka Forest in Arrowhead Provincial Park. It’s definitely one of the most unique