I want to live in an Earthship

Uniquely designed, self-sustaining, and made of recycled or natural materials, these homes are the brainchild of renegade bioarchitect Michael Reynolds. Based in New Mexico, his goal is to create self-sufficient, off-the-grid communities where design and function converge in eco-harmony. He uses discarded modern by-products found locally, and integrates them into construction materials that can be used to build a sustainable home.

This is so beautiful I can hardly stand it.



Earthship: completely sustainable home made from recycled materials like bottles, cans and old tires.

Self-sustaining Earthship garden

Earth house

Inside SOLARIA - Solaria Earthship, Taos, New Mexico

Cob house with solarium.



earth home

Earthbag home

completely self-sustaining homes designed by architect Michael Reynolds. There’s a whole community of progressive folks living out there completely off-the-grid. Their homes are made of recycled materials like mud-packed tires and bottles, and each home generates its own power and collects its own water. MINE

Wow, amazing underground home

How to use your water 4 TIMES!

Building a cobb house.

Earthship home. I want one of these so bad! 100% off-the-grid, made out of recycled materials. Generates it's own power and water (using natural water reservoirs), comes standard with a greenhouse and solar panels and thermoregulates itself in the hot and cold months. You can even add areas for raising chickens and small livestock for your own eggs and meat!

Earth Homes by Vetsch Architektur in Dietikon, Switzerland