AHAHAHAHA so funny!

Funny :)


Yard dinosaur lawn dressed up dinosaur for halloween, christmas eating yard reindeers,, father's day, easter bunny dinosaur, football fan, I mean if you're going to have a dinosaur in your front lawn, you might as well dress it up.

Haha too punny

I'm dying right now


Toddler Jesus at bath time. Religious humor. Hope no one is offended. I think it's so funny - a Mom thing I am sure. http://www.suescornerweb.com/Photo-Albums/God%20Stuff/Toddler%20Jesus%20at%20bath%20time.jpg

It makes you laugh because you think spider man is invincible but there is one thing that is so simple to kill him and that is raid. You never put 2 and 2 together before and that a spider spray can kill the powerful spider man but it actually does. Great word play

lol XD Funny Pictures Of The Day - 51 Pics


Go Jesus!


perfect....nailed it!



That is AWESOME. I need to do that.

That’s Enough, Jesus…