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    12 Reasons Gay Marriage Will Ruin Society

    it is not a choice but this is still funny

    Gay marriage

    George Takei and his responses to marriage protests. LOL

    All my life I've been lied to... seriously. My mind is blown.... Seriously. It's sad to admit, but this steals a lot of the magic of Bed Bath .

    Why no gay marriage?


    hahahah my favorite is the "If God hates gay people why are they so cute" Best anti-anti-gay marriage signs

    Gay marriage explained for dummies - "It’s crazy to outlaw marriage. Marriage is a happy thing. You shouldn’t be able to vote on someone else’s happiness. These people don’t know these gay people, they’re not going to know them, they’re not gonna be their friends…they have control over their lives. That’s not fair." - Ahmed Bharoocha - Funny Pictures Of The Day

    What Native Americans think about gay marriage...

    lol welcome to marriage

    Effective signs supporting gay marriage

    Explaining Gay Marriage | Fowl Language Comics

    gay rights

    "Anything is possible for God" - Dan Savage (funny, lgbtq, marriage equality, gay rights, politcal humor)

    so bloody true. that's why New Zealand is awesome. all my gay friends are free to marry :)

    So far I know how to manage two of these! Hopefully kids is the same! :)

    The effects of gay marriage

    The most hilariously effective signs supporting gay marriage.

    Steps to becoming more evolved towards gay marriage step 6b: Take a closer look at the Bible.