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Item/Idea list for things to include in a box of sunshine! Send someone a box full of fun things, great for kids or adults. Brighten someone's day, see the blog post to find out more about a box of sunshine. Popular with the Poplins

Will need to do this for anyone who is having a tough time. box of sunshine ideas.

box of sunshine gift - cool care package idea

A Little Box of Sunshine

Ice Cream Sundae in a Box! Super cute gift for families#DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Money gift ideas!!! Perfect gift idea for teens.

Send a box of yellow goodies to your sunshine. This concept works for the following as well; all red items for love aka Valentine's Day, all pink for Mother's Day or baby girl, blue for baby boy or Father's Day, all green for Earth Day etc. G;)

sweet neighbor gift

You are my sunshine!

This is such a great idea! No more returning of plates after parties...keep it and pass it along. Love!!

The Moore Family: A Little Box of Sunshine

25 Handmade Gifts Under $5 ... I've looked at a lot of DIY gift collections.

box of sunshine

This is like what I do for Belle. When she is a teenager I will give them to her and she can read how much I love her and what our lives were like at different time when she was growing up:)

Gift Idea - DIY Apple Jar and Free Printable. Cute Valentine's day gift idea.

People often don't know what to do when a friend or loved is going through a hard time - I wish I'd had this list to give people.

great gift idea for the hubby or friend.

Fun & Games Gift Basket – MNM Gifts (Make your own)

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