Babar by Laurent de Brunhoff, books in cursive.


alonein-kyoto: Babar


Swell pig

FAVORITE BOOK FROM MY CHILDHOOD!!!Tiki Tiki Tembo by Arlene Mosel, Blair Lent (Illustrator). Chinese New Year books for kids.

Broadway musicals: Annie (1983) My Favorite Musical as a child! I wanted to be the "Asian" Annie!! haha!

Beautiful Babar...

Reading with bear

We had this book when I was a kid! So great!! :) Richard Scarry's Best Rainy Day Book Ever (1974) by Richard Scarry - Vintage Childrens Book

Frog and Toad

I remember this!!!



The Boxcar Children

The Last Unicorn (1982): I first saw this Rankin/Bass movie in college, and even without the childhood nostalgia I was hooked. Absolutely gorgeous and pretty faithful to the book. The soundtrack by America is sweet, too. :)

Amelia Bedelia books

Bread and Jam for Frances.

Just saw this at the library in the kids section. Almost checked it out.