cardboard cookies for Dramatic Play Center. Kids interested can make them and open up a cookie shop to sell them! Signs, price tags, advertisements, many things that a cardboard cookie could lead up to! what a great idea to go with theme weeks!

Community Helpers Week

Dollar store & cardboard cafe #kids #creativePlay

Bakery Dramatic Play Center: chalkboard signs

Read Dragons Love Tacos, make a paper plate taco craft, and have a taco bar lunch/dinner where kids can make their own tacos. So fun!

Literacy for dramatic play kitchen

Dramatic Play

Dramatic Play Bakery Printable Kit

I need to make me some of these for the dramatic play center! I am thinking of other things too!

"Down around the corner in the bakery shop Were five little cookies with sprinkles on top… Along came someone with a nickel to pay And they bought a little cookie and they took it away!" I love this song and the dramatic play possibilities of the felt set!!!

paper towel roll painting!

Dramatic Play Centers

Cookie Shop Dramatic Play from Play to Learn Preschool

Squeezable and Colorful Water Play by Teach Preschool

Great prop for "Farm" in Dramatic Play ...

Pretend Play Inspired By Tulips Printable

Dramatic Play Center

We set up a dramatic play center that focuses on the outdoors, camping and fishing. We are incorporating literacy by encouraging them to write "postcards from camp" and by fishing for magnetic sight word fish.

dramatic play - camping

Katie's Nesting Spot: Alphabet Activities - C is for Cookies

Making a cardboard fire truck