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This is so cute! I need a magnetic board just so I can do this! Polaroid photo magnets!

Saw someone else's adaptation of this but I couldn't get the pin to work. She put a photo on the paper instead of color. How About Orange: Adaptation: www.ambrosiagirl....

raindrops keep falling on my... umbrellas! :) magnet umbrellas and raindrops.

Butt fridge magnets. What about pouting magnets on the fronts to and having animal matching. Could come up with some funky looking animals.

This just might be my new favorite moving announcement idea! Indiana-based wedding photographer Ann Lang managed to track down postcard-size paint chip samples that she ran through her home printer to make a perfect and totally budget-friendly moving announcement.

Presents and presents and more great ideas for wrapping presents...white paper and paint chips!

Make your own glass marble magnets with paper, marbles, glue, and magnets

So many ideas of re-using a little free card of colour from the hardware store. Paint swatches are coloured happiness and lots of fun.

Custom cakestand~ A plate, Elmer's Stix All, a candle holder and your favorite color spray paint ON THE BOTTOM ONLY...Not to come in contact with FOOD!! :o)