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Stunt that changed cheer history forever

Smoed pyramid


Amazing facial from Cheerleading Worlds

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Spandex and athletic shorts are my main obsessions! I love these!!! If i could wear spandex every where i would. Lol!! :)

Hanging leg raises: 7 sets x 12 reps Stability ball crunches: 7setsx15reps Bulgarian Bag Twist (pictured above): 60 Seconds x 5 sets Frontal Dynamic Plank on Stability Ball: 60 Seconds x 5 sets Cable Multiplane Woodchops: 5 sets x 12 reps

California All Stars Inspire.. Fierce

Werk it girl



Theres girls just so happen to be my inspiration in life ♥ Jamie Andries . Peyton Mabry .


All-Star Cheer.. how much I love you! makes high school cheerleaders look badd

Bangkok, Thailand's Cheer Team...amazing to watch in person....not a single person sitting at Worlds when they are on the floor

California All Stars ♥

California All-Stars



CHEER heel stretch

Gabi Butler stretching her needle

no pain; no gain.

Big bows. & Nike pros