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Beachy Head, England so want to see this

Was briefly obsessed with Big Ben when I was only five years old. Of course, it was the Carnaby Street era. I got Stacy, Barbie's British friend, for my 3rd birthday. She wore capes.

So relaxing! The English countryside. Only part of Europe, I'd really like to see,

The Isle of Lindisfarne ~ a tidal island off the northeast coast of England. It is also known as "Holy Island" and constitutes a civil parish in Northumberland.

And softly chimes the tower as the london fog descends. With each chime the sorrow within ascends.

enchantedengland: This is in Norfolk, a large, mostly rural eastern county in England that bulges out into the North Sea. Norfolk is notable for the Broads (a network of mostly navigable rivers in Norfolk and Suffolk), the historic city of Norwich, and the Queen’s residence at Sandringham House in Sandringham, amongst other attractions.

bibury, arlington row, cotswolds; I want to be sitting right there, in 'quintessential' England, as they call it.

Naunton, in the Windrush valley, Gloucestershire, England. I could kick myself for not going to the Cotswolds.

Staithes, England~ when the tied goes out, the water level in the harbour drops so the boats are sitting on the ground. So cool!

See to me this is paradise! Out in English countryside; Thirlmere apparently. Interesting because I didn't know England had big mountains like these lol

I loved my visit to England in the late 90's. My favorite moment by far, was when I saw the actual, "Sherwood Forest" sign. (Disney's Robinhood is a childhood favorite!)