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  • Ady Bertschneider

    I just love these book shelves! Not only they have various heights to fit various book sizes, but they have a smart hidden designed message go and Read Your Bookcase too...

  • Tram Nguyen

    READ YOUR BOOKCASE / design by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti. WILL do once I have my own house!

  • liberal sprinkles

    Read Your Book Case letter bookshelves from Saporiti #design #interiors #bookcase

  • Elcodigodebarras

    If you are a person who reads a lot you know you need to have a way to organize your books and put them into shelves. Most of the bookshelves that you find in stores are simple and really dull, but there are certain designers who create unique bookshelves to be placed in offices or at home, to blend in the interior design that you have. If you want to have a cool library at home, unusual bookcase designs.

  • wendy kohn

    unique bookshelves ideas | 50 unique and unconventional bookcase designs / ...

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"Read Your Bookcase" built in. Totally didn't see that the first time.

People, read your book cases! Well, this one sure is a full one.. I wonder if I could get my books fit this shelf. I mean, there are so many different sizes from tiny squares to big art books in my present study..

The Art of Bookshelf Arranging - some tips & a lot of great pictures from various sources.

amazing bookcase... Within the map he fastened 600 tiny Christmas tree lights that represent the nation’s major cities. a shelf based on Hawaii hangs in the kids’ bathroom (each island is a hook), and Alaska is suspended in the upstairs bathroom over the tub.

My house will consist of all stairs. And this is why.

circular window with bookcase surrounding. This screams modern-day hobbit to me. And that looks like a chair for Sauron lol

Paint graduated benches in coordinating colors. Then stack and fasten benches together.

I've collected lots of cookbooks over the years. We'll definitely have a bookcase in the kitchen.

Maybe take book covers and nail/glue them over a wooden bookcase? Just a thought.