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    Bloomberg wants to ban large sodas in NYC.....

    • The Adventures of A Boy and His Creature

      The 2012 winner of the 7/11 Big Gulp Drinking Contest. 55 gallons in under 9 minutes. "Gee, I hope the men's room isn't locked!"

    • Joy Marie

      1 Soda, 60 Minutes of Hell - Garma On Health~ I'm glad I've stopped drinking Diet Coke! (Now, I just have to stop drinking my one a week 7UP can.) Good to know!

    • Coach Yourself Thin

      Soda companies are lying to keep their market share, and America's waistlines, BIG.

    • HealthWorks Collective

      Are Sugary Sodas the New Tobacco? - People are gradually recognizing that Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola are really Toxic Colas and are causing tremendous health harm,” said Michael Jacobson, executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an advocacy group that organized the event.

    • Tom McSorley

      So what's all the hubub in NYC today? Banning large sugary drinks? Why???!!!

    • Holly Patiño

      More fun and totally random health related pictures. You are welcome.

    • Makay Tautu

      my last day of drinking dr pepper! I promise! @Jill Carson

    • Deb Keller

      All mine - take that Mayor Bloomberg

    • Desire' Seymour

      Bahaha. This picture is funny!

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