Cora Pearl (born Emma Elizabeth Crouch, 1835-1886) was an English courtesan or "demi-mondaine" who lived in France, and was nicknamed "the great horizontal" or "the daily". She was mistress to the highest aristocracy of the Second Empire, including Prince Napoleon and the Duke of Morny. After ruining the young Duval in 1872, she was deported for a while. Neither of their reputations recovered, and she died impoverished and forgotten in 1886.

Pearl Hart, the only female stagecoach robber in the Old West.

Old West Brothel.

Fanny Kemble, moved to America to marry a plantation owner, horrified by what she saw, messy divorce, her journal on life on plantation shocked America, anti slavery campaigner, Scandalous women in British history - Telegraph

Mathilda-Marie Feliksovna Kschessinskaya (31 August [O.S. 19 August] 1872 – 6 December 1971 (also known as Her Serene Highness Princess Romanova-Krasinskaya from 1921) was a Russian ballerina from a family of Polish origin. Her father Feliks Krzesiński and her brother both danced in St. Petersburg. She eventually attained the highest rank, that of prima ballerina assoluta. She was also a mistress of the future Tsar Nicholas II of Russia

Josephine Baker

La Belle Otero, Spanish dancer and courtesan, the most desired woman in Europe, who had countless lovers, including Prince Albert I of Monaco, King Edward VII, Kings of Serbia, Kings of Spain, Russian Grand Dukes Peter and Nicholas, the Duke of Westminster and writer Gabriele D’Annunzio. Six men were rumored to have committed suicide over her. Her breasts were legendary; the twin cupolas of the Hotel Carlton in Cannes were modeled after them.

Laura Bullion was a female outlaw of the Old West. Most sources indicate Bullion was born of German and Native American heritage. Laura Bullion was a member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch gang; her cohorts were fellow outlaws, including the Sundance Kid, "Black Jack" Ketchum, and Kid Curry. For several years in the 1890s, she was romantically involved with outlaw Ben Kilpatrick ("The Tall Texan"), a bank and train robber and an acquaintance of her father, who had been an outlaw, as well.

The Countess di Castiglione caused a scandal by appearing at a 1857 costume ball at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as The Queen of Hearts, a thinly veiled allusion to the fact the she was currently the mistress of the emperor, Napoleon III. She was photographed in the costume by Pierre-Louis Pierson several years later, between 1861 and 1863, apparently wishing to preserve the scandal for posterity.

Mata Hari. Just contributing an enigma to the (glaringly) wanting list of femmes fatale.

Brothel in Jerome, AZ. Jennie's Place. It was built in 1898 by Legendary Madam Belgian Jennie Bauters. She became the richest woman in the Arizona territory before she was murdered.

cora+pearl | Cora Pearl la scandaleuse.. - Paperblog

1878 Sarah Bernhardt (October 1844 – March 1923) was a French stage and early film actress, and has been referred to as "the most famous actress the world has ever known". Bernhardt made her fame on the stages of France in the 1870s, and was soon in demand in Europe and the Americas. She developed a reputation as a serious dramatic actress, earning the nickname "The Divine Sarah."

Empress Elisabeth “Sissi” of Austria had a somewhat tragic life, but she was renowned for her stunning beauty and free spirit.

Striking French beauty (and famed courtesan) Cora Pearl. [Assuming she is at the forefront of fashion, this dates probably from 1864, or possibly late 1863 or early 1865. The "horned" hairstyle, slightly raised straight waist, and tiny sleeves are brand new. The skirt is still very full, however, and doesn't really show the new ellipitical shape.]

Better known as "Squirrel Tooth Alice,” Mary Elizabeth "Libby" Haley Thompson was a popular "soiled dove” in the frontier cow towns of the American West, despite gap the in her teeth that earned her nickname.

Alexandra David-Nel, a fearless French opera singer/traveller/spiritualist and writer, who, in the 1920s, became the first European woman to visit forbidden Tibet, and later inspired the famous beat writers Kerouac and Ginsberg. Claiming to be magically taught the Tibeten language by a mountain wizard who could fly through the air, command demons, and kill men with a glance, she was described by the great English writer and poet, Lawrence Durrell, as "the most astonishing ...

At the age of twenty-three, the perky, curly-haired girl established Helena’s first house of ill-repute in a log cabin. Providing a full orchestra as additional entertainment for her customers, Henley’s business was an immediate success among her customers, who soon dubbed her "Chicago Joe.”

First-century “brothel token” found in London

Susan B Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote in 1872. She was fined 100 dollars for registering to vote.