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What you’ll need: 2 standard lunch-sized paper lunch bags per broomstick, scissors, gold ribbon and candy or another treat filler Directions: Trim 2” off the top of the paper bags. Open the first bag, push out the base until it forms a squared-off triangle shape and fold in the left and right sides to flatten it out. Starting from the top, cut the flattened bag into thin strips, stopping short of the base (just above the bottom crease). Cut just the top of the second bag into thin strips, approximately 1.5” deep. Fill this bag with treats and place it inside of the first bag. Gather the sides of both bags, insert a pretzel rod in the middle and cinch the tops of the two bags together around the pretzel rod. Secure with gold ribbon. Read More Sign up for iVillage Special Offers Put chex mix inside

Flyer from the Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition by Ben Zhu of Nucleus Art Gallery

Deathly Hallows. This is one of the cooler pieces I've seen.

Harry,Hermione,Ron,Voldie,The stupid Bellatrix who killed the closest thing to Harry and Snape Snape Severus Snape

The best Harry Potter Jack O'Lantern I've ever seen, created by Victoria Romo.

Only people who read it would understand the meanings hidden in these phrases(: #ItsAPotterheadThing

Impossible / for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage.

Literature inspired pumpkins! Where the Wild Things Are! Cool!