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    Coronation uniform of Nicholas I, Russia, 1826. Wool coat with metal braid.

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Coronation uniform coat, 1896, Museum no. TK-3040, © The Moscow Kremlin Museums

Nicholas II of Russia. This is the tsar the Leninist "executed" - meaning they murdered him and his family by taking them in a cellar and shooting them.

The Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II, May 1896. Last Tsar to win the throne of a united USSR(Russia)

Google Image Result. Nicholas, the last Tsar of Russia, was said to be a very humble, kind, polite man. He was even pleasant when he was being held prisoner after the revolution.

Men's court dress: Russia 1720s-1917 - Victoria and Albert Museum The gallery includes coronation gowns of Russian Emperors.

Emperor of Russia-On August 12, 1904, Nicholas' wife bore him their fifth child, a son, Alexei, who became Tsarevich (heir apparent). Unfortunately, the young child was afflicted with hemophilia, a disorder that prevented his blood from clotting properly. The gene was reportedly carried by Nicholas' wife, Alexandra, who had received it from Queen Victoria. Nicholas did not reveal that his son carried the illness to the public for fear of further weakening his royal house's influence in Russia.

Coronation uniform of Alexander II, 1855, Museum no. TK-1788, © The Moscow Kremlin Museums

Emperor Nicholas II's Ball Officer Uniform , 1900s Russia

Zar Nicola II nel 1895. Non so se è ricolorata, ma so di per certo che già all'epoca, in Russia, erano state prodotte delle foto con pellicola a colori.

Nicholas II. an extremely loving and kind man who was totally unprepared to be Emperor. He would have been quite content to just be a husband and father.

Quiet and indecisive, Nicholas was totally unprepared to become Tsar when his father died unexpectedly at an early age. The lack of constancy in his decision-making would prove to be the downfall of the Russian Empire. IMAGE: Postcard of Tsar Nicholas II.