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Elle Sam Nan
Elle Sam Nan • 2 years ago


  • Adriane Cook
    Adriane Cook • 2 years ago

    I don't care what anyone says about the movies, the books were awesome.

  • Carol Kirby
    Carol Kirby • 2 years ago

    I agree it is awesome book

  • Holly Clemens
    Holly Clemens • 2 years ago

    Yes, love the book!

  • Jaime James
    Jaime James • 2 years ago

    pop-up/scratch n sniff books are better. read anne rice, if you want REAL novels about vampires

  • Leigh Forbes
    Leigh Forbes • 2 years ago

    For me it wasn't the " vampires" that made me like it so much, it was the love story. Anne Rice just isn't the same.

  • Sita Mahe
    Sita Mahe • 2 years ago

    vampires aren't REAL hellooo so she can do what she wants

  • Linda Youngclaus Detto
    Linda Youngclaus Detto • 2 years ago

    It's totally the love story, vampires were secondary.

  • Carol Kirby
    Carol Kirby • 2 years ago

    I agree and each to there own the books were awesome the movies were to it was fun don't sweat the small stuff I luv a good love story maybe because mine wasn't but it leaves u hopeful even at my age I can still be hopeful.

  • Carol Kirby
    Carol Kirby • 2 years ago

    I agree and each to there own the books were awesome the movies were to it was fun don't sweat the small stuff I luv a good love story maybe because mine wasn't but it leaves u hopeful even at my age I can still be hopeful.

  • Claire Dryden
    Claire Dryden • 2 years ago

    yeah. i just love that these books teach the young women of the world that if a boy breaks up with you, then you can just try suicide and he'll come RUNNING back.

  • Amber McAteer
    Amber McAteer • 2 years ago

    that makes as much sense as a screen door on a sub! if your going to put down a book because your worried if the young will follow the rolls, then you might as well put down disney movies too. tarzan ran around half naked, batman drove like a wild man everywhere he went, cinderella did not go home till after midnight, aladdin was a thief and snow white lived with 7 men. people want new and different things and she gave us just that with the twilight saga. im a parent myself and i knew before becoming a mother that you dont let others control your childrens life. you raise them as their own self instead of following some roll in a book or movie. when my daughters get old enough and want to read these books, i can promise now that they wont try to kill themselves over some break up

  • Teresa Orick
    Teresa Orick • 1 year ago

    Amen Amber!!!

  • Grace McCulloch
    Grace McCulloch • 1 year ago

    Not trying to ruffle any feathers here but when I read the books I felt that the Bella and Edward's relationship was a constant power struggle that Bella eventually loses when she forsakes her humanity just to become a vampire. After discussing this book with many girls, they seem to be confusing love with addiction. Throughout the books, Bella mentions how her attraction to Edward borderlines addiction. Not only that, I feel like many girls and women are idealizing this sort of "old-fashioned" relationship in which a woman is subordinate to the man. I don't know why this appeals to so many girls but this is in fact the very dynamic that exists in Bella and Edward's relationship. However, most young teenage girls will probably never pick up on this as there are probably just focusing the "romance" within the novels.

  • Kate -

    I agree, Grace. I happened to see this and I think the most interesting thing about this conversation is simply the English skills of those involved. There's a distinctive difference between the pro-Twilight and anti-Twilight factions; one of these groups does not seem to grasp the concepts of proper English (e.g. lack of punctuation, capitalization, spelling, the difference between "you're/your" and "their/there/they're"). It's a common problem I've noticed (beyond just Pinterest).

  • Natalie Hollingsworth

    @amber....pretty sure batman isn't disney. hahah. and people don't exactly tout older disney stories as being full of good role models - but definitely not for the reasons you mention. "cinderella did not go home till after midnight"?

  • thelittlechynnadoll
    thelittlechynnadoll • 1 year ago

    I think the whole point these girls are trying to make is that if you raise your kids right you don't have to worry about the influence these books have on their grammar (really?), opinions on love, behaviors, etc.. I hated growing up and seeing that half of my friends' parents wouldn't let them read Harry Potter. Get a grip, ya'll.

  • Jaylen Peters
    Jaylen Peters • 1 year ago

    There's really not a "good lesson" in these books...yeah fight for what you love, but change yourself for someone who left you? give up your family for a guy who's an obvious flight risk? Edwards got more mood swings than teenage girls, and Bella cant man up and move on. it was an alright book, but I wouldn't read it again. To me it was pretty superficial...

  • Anastasia Huckvale-Dowling

    A story is a story, if someone doesn't understand that there's a bigger problem. Don't judge this series of books by it's movies, and come up with your own conclusion without feeling pressured to side with anyone else's about these books.

  • Cassandra Adams
    Cassandra Adams • 1 year ago

    I still love these books, even after the terribly made movies. I agree that Bella isn't necessarily the best role model out there, but at least she cares about the ones she loves. And there is a deeper meaning to the Cullen family and their obstainment from human blood; they seek to be redeemed for previous actions and just want to live life as righteously as possible. In a way the Twilight series is about redemption.

  • Carrie Dove
    Carrie Dove • 1 year ago

    Twilight is not about redemption. They are about the vital importance of having a boyfriend, even if that means that you lose your friends, family and even your soul. As if teenage girls don't have enough to cope with without literature this poor affecting their idea of love.

  • Anastasia Huckvale-Dowling

    I wish people would stop talking on my behalf, I am a teenage girl and I have read this book. But I know it is a book and it does not make me think I should drop everything and everyone for a boyfriend and it hasn't made anyone I know of think this way either.