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Joe Manganiello | Love that is picture looks like a man and not just a piece of ass. I ask for men to look at me that way and I will try to do this in return. :)

Joe Manganiello (from Magic Mike)

He definitely has the tousled hair down and the Greek God-like body for Mr. 50 himself. Just a thought. Lol.

Seriously cant wait for Magic Mike. This guy and Channing Tatum. Epic.

Joe Manganiello has been killing it on the Magic Mike press tour. Totally hilarious and silly. Also, he is 6'5 which is perfect. So, yeah. Not just Owen the bartender anymore...

Just another hottie from True can one show contain so much hotness?

My future husband Joe Manganielo...although it would probably be weird both our names being Joe...

ANOTHER SHIRTLESS SHOT photo | Joe Manganiello...b/c you can't have too many

Joe Manganiello in the water..yummmmmmmmmm