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Minecraft dogs are just creepy stalkers in a dog suit

I'm pretty sure I can't agree hard enough with those that want this as a shirt

Minecraft dogs are just cute little dogs that also can turn on u and be savage

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Homemade Minecraft Creeper Cake: My daughter is a huge fan of the computer game called Minecraft, so for her ninth birthday we threw her a Minecraft themed party. Even though in the game

However, no self respecting minecrafter builds a cave house and doesn't light it up like that!

The monsters just wanted a sleepover. Artist's Note: The bed is made of sand because this comic was made before actual beds existed in the game! If you .

Funny and sad at the same time, wish it would make a "adult" creeper or whatever to make it seem funnier not sad

That’s what it feels like…