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Jesus loves* you!

Jesus loves you. Nothing you do will make Jesus love you more. Nothing you do will make Jesus love you less. It's as simple and as amazing as

Essere padroni della propria mente, conoscere se stessi e avere fede automaticamente spazza via ogni paura. E’ davvero possibile ottenere ogni cosa quando si ha la fede. Accorgiti!

What does it mean to have faith? How do you obtain it? Where does it come from? If I asked you if you have faith, what would your answer be? Some believe by saying they have faith, it is an auto.

I hope this actually works! A petition to keep Pinterest free from profanity and pornography. Wouldn't that be nice? Lets add No Spam!

○ Yes, please :) I hate coming across bad stuff in my feed :/

Instead of praying "give me a husband who is..."  ask Him to "make" you into who you'll have to be to have the husband He's already made for you.

God, I pray that will mold me into the wife my husband will need me to be.(while we may not be married by legal manners, God has molded me into the wife my husband needs, and we have never been better!

nothing more needs to be said.

The only way to heaven is by the cross. There is so much truth in this picture! Jesus shed his perfect, innocent blood so we could be forgiven.

God first

Put God first and you'll never be last ~~I Love the Bible and Jesus Christ, Christian Quotes and verses.