true story.


...and everyone looks at you like, it can't possibly be that funny. And then they don't even laugh, but you still can't stop. Yeah, that's me.

It doesn't hurt to question some things.

This is why I don't play video games often. Last time I played COD Black Ops I shot m cousin atleast 10 times. He was on my team. He didn't like losing either.

Doesn't get weirder than me! XD

School Teenage Post😂😂😂😂😂😂

That moment when you are in bed texting with the phone above your head and the phone just decides to attack your face.

oh yeah

Teenager post

Of course you're allowed to have other friends. You just have to love me more. - i don't ever do anything to really get worried about





Lolsotrue. Lolsotrue

Been there done that

lolsotrue lolsotrue especially the gum:)

every Day!