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  • Cristina Fernández

    How to glitter everything (without it falling off!) #diy #craft

  • Cassie Smith

    crafting with glitter

  • Cara S

    gLITTER--jar for lipgloss, shoe bottoms, clutch, inside of lamp, branch for decorating How to GLITTER everything without it falling off: mix ~1 part mod podge + ~2 parts glitter, apply, let dry, add more layers if needed TIPS clean surface, use a brush to apply, if you touh it (clutch or cell phone case) fine glitter won't scratch

  • La Nisa Vida

    How to: Glitter... Everything! #pink #glitter #crafts #DYI

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How to: GLITTER... Everything! (without it falling off)

Magnet Makeup Board




kids room

Kids' Room

Cool Kids Room.

Kids room

Guest Room/ Kids Room

omg supper cute


For school.

i'm loving all these tribal nails. i like the black here, love the pinky & ring finger nails!

How fun! 1. Put on nail polish and let dry. 2. Dip fingernail in alcohol-basically any will do, vodka is suggested. 3. Press a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail on to your alcohol soaked nail. 4. Pull off slowly and be really impressed with yourself. 5. Paint top coat if desired.


gift or gift tag idea - felt camera keychains!

necktie bracelet!


Tape Measure bracelet

I want to make this skirt

Pencil bracelet, so cute!

Cute top

Mixed Media Collage - Julie Nutting