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Frugality in crafting ... homemade embossing ink. Who would have thought it was a mixture of Vaseline, cooking oil and alcohol! One reviewer said this: "I find glycerin works really well and you don't get the oily bleed that can happen with oil and petroleum jelly. You can add watercolour paint or food colouring if you want to tint it. Works like a charm."

Love this! These were popular gift items between women; I think in Victorian times. Always homemade. Cut outs and tiny watercolors were often used as well as lace accents.

Hey, Chick Sneak Peek (As The Ink Dries)

Hey, Chick Sneak Peek | As The Ink Dries | Bloglovin’

I got to choose the second challenge for me and Barb to do, so I chose the Year of the Rooster (or chicken) theme at Dragonfly Journeys ...

"Isabelle Thornton" Le Chateau des Fleurs: How to make an English cabbage rose with paper for scrapbooking and handmade tags