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    My Dear Human Food Will Not serve itself

    Not to mention totally unnecessary, since you're already bathing them. | 23 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Your Person

    I'll never forget a bridal shower thrown by some real cat-lovers. When we were done with the games and went to cut the cake, we discovered the cat on the table, licking off the icing. And they still served the cake!

    Too Funny!!

    I left my pinterest logged in at work!!!! I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I Think She Wants To Come Inside My kitty cat does this all the time! ^_^

    #say #nothing #blame #dog #cat #funny

    Human I request your assistance

    'Are You Kitten Me Right Meow?' - Nope!

    This cat who decided he’d let the human give him a bath for once. | 27 Cats That Immediately Regret Their Decisions

    Both are mine. Nobody can sleep there #meme #funny #funnymemes #catsmeme

    I just wanted to scare him. But he didn't. It's a shame for me #meme #funnymeme #funny

    Cutie ((not a cat lady)) but I adore their beauty. More of s dog lover! But I am definitely a lover of all animals 💛

    "You guys see the cat run past here?" ~ Dog Shaming shame - Not smelling it.

    Think before jump #meme #funny #funnymemes #catmemes

    Funny Animal Quotes Humor |

    Funny Cat Memes rule! find more funny cats here #funnycatmemes #funnycats #funnycat

    Awkwardly Sitting Cats


    Kissing is complicated. | 33 Animal GIFs That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh