Bjork at 2001 Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Tribute concerts in, tribute dresses out! And what is that with the "bad witch at Wizard of Oz" shoes?

Leelee Sobieski at 2001 Golden Globe Aeards ceremony. That is a "no comment!".......

Lara Flynn Boyle at 2003 Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Never ever wear that, unless you are 6!

Golden Globe Awards 2011. Michelle Williams, please hire a fashion consultant!

hahahahah... :D gross. Transparent thing (calling it a dress will be an insult to other dresses) and the shoes? ew. Sharon Stone at 2003 Golden Globe Awards ceremony. The nice hair can not save her. Epic fail.

2009 Golden Dlobe Awards. Renee oh no! She looks like a transparent bat. And the hair... huh...

Heidi Klum in Versace at the 2015 Emmys. See what all the stars wore to the ceremony.

To Golden Globe Cameron, really?! I would not wear this to a bazaar. The year being 1999 is not an excuse. Even 90s were not "that" lame.

We've waited years to find out which prom-bound teen supermodel Tyra Banks stole this frock from before going to the 2000 Academy Awards. How else would you explain this lavender tulle creation?

Kelly Osbourne in 2002! what a difference a decade makes! jeez

Emmy Awards 2008. Vixen. No comment...

Sometimes Helena Bonham Carter hits the bullseye, and sometimes she wears these. Like a pair of mismatched Christmas bulbs, Helena sported red and green satin heels to the Golden Globes in 2011.

Most Outrageous Grammy's Outfits - Grammy's 2014

24 janv. 1986 ophra

The most outrageous outfits in Grammys history: Beyoncé, 2002

Bjork as a Christmas deco!

The Craziest Outfit at the MTV Movie Awards Is…. #InStyle