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    So much for supporting our troops Republicants


    Bernie Sanders legislation would have added 27 VA hospitals but bill was killed in May by republicans led by McConnell.

    There is a BIG difference !!!

    Truth be told... And why we we MUST stop voting for selfish, short-sighted, ignorant politicians. male or female.

    How'd that work out for you sissy boys?

    "The opposite of poverty is justice" ~~Bryan Stevenson. "Poverty is man-made and it can be undone by human action." ~~Nelson Mandela.

    ..... Why would any women or any man who has a daughter and a wife vote for this team?????

    Truth be told... Republicans attack on women's rights.

    Alec Baldwin, speaking out against the right wing religious zealots who are ruining the republican party.

    Republicans cuts veteran support but keep billions in corporate subsidies.


    Either they just haven't thought it through or they are consumed with fear.

    I wonder how they would have voted if this was about fair pay for wealthy white men? Republicans want to send women right back to the 50s. Fuck that.

    What does it say when these republican Supreme Court justices ignore separation of church and state, one of the basic principals our nation was founded on?

    Vets Food Stamps Republicans

    Fascism. Pretty much what we have...bad

    And here we are.