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    hahaha...yeah I don't even really know what my style is supposed to look like now

    how true.

    so true


    Tieks are perfect for teachers! I can teach a lesson on long vowels, have recess duty, chase down a parent who forgot to sign a permission slip, review double digit addition with regrouping, do a directed drawing lesson on the butterfly life cycle, have crosswalk duty, run my kids to soccer practice, and cook my Tieks.

    TrackR bravo is a small, coin-sized tracking device that you can attach onto any device or belonging. Download the Free TrackR app - then use the distance indicator, separation alerts, phone finder, and Crowd GPS features to find your Lost Belongings in seconds!


    So true!

    Ha! So true

    Need to get this as a button, so I can just point to it when, in the middle of conversations, I have an Alzheimer's moment.

    So true!


    so true! lol!


    The 'Terrible Twos' are just a warm-up for the 'Terrorist Threes'...(currently being experienced in my home...ugh!)


    HAHAHA so true!


    Lmao! Isn't this the truth

    The trouble with trouble is, it starts out as fun.

    i am the third child........ this explains a lot.