• J Bartel

    Those Amazing Dogs #dogs, #puppies, #pets, #animals, #pinsland, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id508760385

  • Sovi Ly

    I need a lab to walk my doggies

  • Sarah Kennedy

    DOGGGIE WALKING is so much fun! XD hehe. Firstly, you get to meet so many other people who have the same interest in dogs like you. Secondly, your dog gets to make FRIENDS! :3 which is awesome. Third? Need I say more, you get to be around other owners dogs, and be surrounded by fury pawed loveable dogs. You'll get exercise too! Which is great for the body. Last last, let's not forget about the green paper, I know it's not alot. Heck it's still allowance for me :3. So start doggie walking now!

  • WoofBox™

    BOSS !!! #pets #pet #animal #baby #SaveLife #funny #hilarious #WoofBox #XOXO #Dogs #Dog #Animal #Animals #Adopt #Canine

  • Audrey Den Dulk Hekman

    This is the last time I tell the dog walker it's OK that I'll walk all the dogs while she gets her manicure!

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