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No es necesario salir a la playa, lo balnearios también son una grandiosa opción. #Travel #Viaje #Alberca #Pool #Deporte #Summer #Verano #Calor #Hot #Sun #Funny #VeranoAldoConti

Jump in to the pile of water balloons on the hot summer day with your friends, it will be a blast! :D

DONE. Go to a Water Park. ^Summer bucket list

@Tori Sdao Poole @D Babula @a s Donopria @Erin Duncan Graben @Kayla Barkett malcom @Zayda Mercado Ward we are doing this

Coral VS Green! I like the idea of painting the nails on one hand complementary to the other… I have done something similar before!

people always get excited about summer romance, but getting to spend all day every day with my best friends is what hypes me up