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Most of you have been asking what PHOTO apps I use on my iPhone to take and edit pictures. So, here are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions Photo by jayjayasuriya • Instagram

"gift print" vs. "wall art" size comparison.

Great photography tips! I had no idea my DSLR had that feature!


Fabulous tutorial about aperture, ISO and Exposure!

Imogen Cunningham—In Moonlight, 1911

baby photos

Just Angle matter

40 More Portrait Photography Ideas | Infographic

great food photography article

50 Different Family Photos!

Photo from the Instacanvas gallery of jrperruccio.

Instagram, before instagram - Instagram is one of the biggest most popular smart phones apps out their currently with over 30 million accounts. Facebook acquired Instagram (with its 13 employees) for approximately $1 billion in in April 2012. This infographic shows where the photo editing app got some of its filter ideas from the iconic cameras of the past.


Its a good idea to have the subject look like its creating the entire shadow when its not.The photo wouldnt look good in colour because its suppost to be a miserable day so it makes sense to drain all the colour from itmake it blackwhite to have the best effect!This photo has been composed cleverly because it gets the audience thinking how the photographer got the shoes to fit the shadow perfectly.The photo is highlighted at the top making the rest of it dark so the shadow blends in well.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Art print. Ha.

love this idea :)